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  • Knit Pro
    Lace Blocking Mats

    Lace Blocking Mats Magnifying glass


    Add a professional touch your projects...

  • Knit Pro
    Lace Blocking T-pins

    Lace Blocking T-pins Magnifying glass


    Indispensible for blocking projects. If you've been using sewing pins now, upgrade to these T-Pins and you'll wonder how you ever managed without them!

  • HiyaHiya
    Ultimate Knitting Gift Set

    Ultimate Knitting Gift Set Magnifying glass

    From £99.50

    The ultimate flexible knitting system to swap between circular and flat knitting quickly and easily as needed.

  • Lanas Stop
    Dulce Cashmere

    Dulce Cashmere Magnifying glass

    From £4.13

    SALE!!! Dulce Cashmere DK; soft and machine washable for a touch of modern luxury without the high price tag! A luxuriously soft blend of 15% cashmere, 85% wool in a range of gorgeous shades - this yarn is perfect for all DK patterns.