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Bags and Cases

  • HiyaHiya
    Accessory Case

    Accessory Case Magnifying glass


    The perfect stylish solution for keeping your favourite knitting accessories safely to hand.

  • HiyaHiya
    Circular Needle Case

    Circular Needle Case Magnifying glass


    Designed for multi-tasking knitters on the go!

  • HiyaHiya
    DPN Case

    DPN Case Magnifying glass


    Beautiful cotton-lined, Chinese brocade DPN case from HiyaHiya for all your DPNs.

  • HiyaHiya
    Dumpling Case

    Dumpling Case Magnifying glass


    What an gorgeous little notion to keep those little things safe - stitch markers, pins, buttons......

  • HiyaHiya
    HiyaHiya Tote Project Bag

    HiyaHiya Tote Project Bag Magnifying glass


    These stylish Tote Bags are made from 100% natural canvas fabric and feature the notable HiyaHiya brocade design.

  • HiyaHiya
    Interchangeable case

    Interchangeable case Magnifying glass


    Make your own HiyaHiya interchangeable needle set with this stylish brocade case.

  • HiyaHiya
    Small Project Bag

    Small Project Bag Magnifying glass


    Carry your sock yarn, needles and pattern with you wherever you go! Practical 'bucket-style' tote design in a beautiful brocade fabric.