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Bergere de France

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We've been seduced by the stylish patterns and affordable, quality yarns in delicious modern colours by the oh-so-chic Bergere de France. 



  • Bergere de France

    Angel Magnifying glass

    From £2.00

    A soft, featherweight yarn which creates light, airy knits with added warmth. Available in Kohl.

  • Bergere de France
    Bamboo 35cm Knitting Needles

    Bamboo 35cm Knitting Needles Magnifying glass

    From £5.00

    We've sourced these hard-to-find chunky, funky straight bamboo needles just for you!

  • Bergere de France

    Barisienne Magnifying glass

    From £1.80

    All the advantages of a modern 100% acrylic yarn for modern lifestyles - smooth, regular, easy to knit and easy care. What more could you ask? Oh yes, it's incredibly affordable too!

  • Bergere de France

    Berlaine Magnifying glass

    From £1.80

    One of our favourites - an easy care, pure 100% unshrinkable worsted wool, with a smooth and even finish.

  • Bergere de France

    Caline Magnifying glass

    From £2.50

    A lovely soft, smooth, non-itchy and easy care yarn that is perfect for babies and little ones.

  • Bergere de France

    Eclair Magnifying glass

    From £3.00

    Add a touch of luxurious sparkle to your knits with this lovely mohair, wool and lurex mix yarn.

  • Bergere de France

    Ideal Magnifying glass

    From £2.40

    The 'Ideal' yarn in every way! Easy-knit, easy-care, lovely modern colours - what more could you ask?

  • Bergere de France

    Magic Magnifying glass

    From £2.50

    Easy care worsted wool-mix yarn with a lovely smooth, easy-knit texture.