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50 years' experience manufacturing hand knit yarns from the best raw materials has cemented Lanas Stop's reputation for developing high quality yarns, in a wide range of stunning colours, blends and textures - all complemented by stunning patterns with a cosmopolitan flavour.

The pattern instructions are written in a typically brief continental style, which would suit intermediate to advanced knitters who are confident in pattern interpretation. 

  • Lanas Stop

    Ciro Magnifying glass

    From £3.60

    Now in our Sale - fabulous chunky 100% cotton for creating on-trend slouchy sweaters, scarves and bags.

  • Lanas Stop
    Dulce Cashmere

    Dulce Cashmere Magnifying glass

    From £3.60

    Dulce Cashmere DK is soft and machine washable for a touch of modern luxury without the high price tag!

  • Lanas Stop

    Kenia Magnifying glass

    From £6.24

    Bring out your wild side with this chiffon-effect animal print 'yarn' which knits up quickly and easily to create full-on wild ruffles - or combine it with other yarns for a more subtle effect.

  • Lanas Stop

    Oyster Magnifying glass

    From £4.80

    Combined with another yarn to create fabulous sophisticated knits with a lovely drape.

  • Lanas Stop

    Spray Magnifying glass

    From £2.88

    Now in our sale! Lovely light-weight 100% knitted cotton 'tape' yarn, with supporting patterns which really show it off to best effect.

  • Lanas Stop

    Verdi Magnifying glass

    From £3.98

    Now in our sale! Soft and squashy 'tweed-effect' flecked chunky yarn, blended with alpaca for added luxe softness. Perfect for the current 'on-trend' chunky projects.