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Sunflower SwiftSunflower Swifts

See reviews When you buy beautiful yarn, use the best equipment with this handcrafted swift.
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An exquisite piece of craftsmanship to make the job of winding skeins a joy.

Sunflower Swifts are made from a combination of ethically sourced solid hardwoods; beech, ash and sycamore.  The centre spindle and washer are solid brass.  Each swift arrives finished, oiled and polished, requiring just the occasional flick of a duster to maintain it.

The yarn swift comes with five pegs (so you have a handy spare).  The pegs are cleverly designed with a gentle curve, which hugs the skein of yarn as the yarn swift revolves, helping to prevent slipping.  The swift has a felt base to protect the surface it stands on and prevent it from sliding around during use.  It will accommodate a skein up to 72" in circumference and the peg holes are placed 1" apart to encompass most skein sizes.

Sunflower Swifts fold up neatly when not in use, for easy storage.

As the swifts are handcrafted, there may be occasions when high demand means that we are out of stock whilst new swifts are being made - in which case, a due date for new stock availabiltiy will be shown.  So please, keep checking back!

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